Park car. Turin NCC

Mercedes E Class

Elegant sedan suitable for transfers of 2-3 passengers without much luggage in tow.
All-wheel drive makes it perfect and safe for your mountain transfers.

Mercedes V Class

Stylish and comfortable van. Suitable for transfers of 6-7 passengers and equipped with a large luggage compartment. The spaciousness and comfort of the interior make it perfect for events, shuttle services and arrangements.

Mercedes Sprinter

Very comfortable and spacious suitable for long transfers of 7-8 passengers. The car's height makes it very comfortable and perfect for long transfers, shuttle services, arrangements and ski transfers.

Range Rover Vogue

Luxury and versatility are the prerogatives of this Luxury SUV. An elegant, chauffeur-driven car that is perfect for those who want to travel in comfort and reach any destination. The electric motor is perfect for those who care about sustainability over short distances. The four-wheel drive, on the other hand, ensures that you can really go anywhere. Day trips, ski transfers and classic transfers are ideal for this luxury car.

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